Double A Design – Speakers built by hand

Speakers built by hand

A speaker bought from Double A Design is always built by hand, by passionated handcrafters and with the best components on the market. By building the speakers ourselves we can contol the entire process from beginning to the end. In that way we can guarantee the quality of the product.

Ridiculously good sound

If we had to choose between good design or good sound, we’d always choose good sound. Because a speaker with appealing design but terrible sound can only be consider as one thing and one thing only. A decoration. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose. Speakers from Double A Design has both appealing design and ridiciously good sound, even though the sound comes first. We would never compromise the sound to make the speaker more attrative. It’s just not worth it.


At Double A Design we look at speaker construction as a handcraft. A work that requires knowledge, passion and talent. Our curiosity drive us forward in our process of developing new, amazing speakers that make music come alive. Even though we consider ourselves being really good at what we do, we continue to learn and grow to make even better speakers in a progressive business.