Double A Design

A fantastic music experience

Double A Design started in 1997 as a curiosity to try to make things better.

In 2008, our first speaker model saw the light of day, and today the company consists of a handful of enthusiasts who do their utmost to make your dreams come true.

Welcome to our world!


Once upon a time....

Or really it was in 1997, a good friend and I were sitting and discussing speaker designs when he suddenly got tired of me and said:

-You can never build a speaker that sounds as good as a factory-built one ...

Those words were the beginning of a very long and exciting journey towards the perfect sound!
It took 11 years until I was satisfied with my first model.

Well then, we're still good friends.

At Double A Design we look at speaker construction as a handcraft. A work that requires knowledge, passion and talent. Our curiosity drive us forward in our process of developing new, amazing speakers that make music come alive. Even though we consider ourselves being really good at what we do, we continue to learn and grow to make even better speakers in a progressive business.


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